Train Camps to Be Hosted in June

The meeting for June 2008 was called to order June 7th by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:35.

The minutes for May 2008 were presented. Ed Neill made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected and Eric Boswell seconded. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was submitted and read.

Old Business

Train Show – The security contract for the show has been received. Jim Bush had nothing new to report. The membership will need to decide by the August business meeting if the price for tables will be raised for the 2009 show. Bill Lancaster is checking with the Temple Mall on a display space. Betty Neill will be ordering awards this next week.

Building Committee – Ed Neill had nothing new to report.

Inventory Committee –Betty Neill said this was going well. She needs to meet with N Scale after the meeting.

Mike Cleveland is investigating a longer term contract for electricity to see if that will reduce the club’s utility costs.

Baylor – Ron Miller will be meeting with the modular groups to find out what modules could be used for this display.

Train Camps – Dan Ladd is setting up for a train camp on June 11 at 10 AM for ten children. The RRHM summer train camp is scheduled for June 17.

New Business

Bradley Linda said the HO Scale group wants to do a fundraiser for purchasing signaling and CTC for the HO layout. Bradley made a motion that the HO Scale group be able to raise funds for a signaling system for the HO permanent layout. Steffon Norris seconded and the motion passed.

The HO Scale group has decided to combine their DCC purchases with those of the N Scale group as a Digitrax club purchase.

Noel Cowling said that someone has offered to donate $100,000 to the Belton RR. Noel offered to volunteer as a club representative.

Jim Bush asked the membership in general to move any items they might have stored underneath the HO layout in preparation for additional scenery work.

Ed Neill mentioned he is working with the City of Temple to get a marker for the club depot.

Dan Ladd reported that the club had received a copy of the Temple Chamber of Commerce Community Profile and Business Referral Guide.

Ed Neill made a motion to adjourn. Jim Bush seconded and the club adjourned at 11:22.

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