Z Scale

Z Scale interest and equipment acquisition has picked up since 2005. We have observed the layouts of other groups at area shows and activities. As we explored various modular groups and methods, we were drawn to the Z-Bend group with the North West Crossing MRR Club out of Houston. Chad and Jerry have given us a great deal of information and assistance.

Actual module construction began in earnest in order to have something for the December 2006 and January 2007 displays at the Mayborn Museum and Waco Toy and Train Show. We constructed three 2’ x 4’ modules and two 2’ x 2’ end modules. The Z-Bend system is based on a two track mainline that goes around the outside of both sides of a module (the two 2 footers forming a half circle on each end). These modules resulted in a 2’ x 16’ layout.

Our concept is to use the outside track for passenger service and the inside track for freight service. One side of the long run (1’ x 12’) is a yard. By bringing the inside track to the middle of the one foot space, (picture) it allows for a double ended yard on the outside passenger track and two stub end yards at either end for freight and engine service (pictures).
Since January, we have completed the benchwork for a 3’ x 3’ corner module to experiment with an L-shape configuration and will possibly build another to allow for a U-shape setup. Scenery and structure improvements are still needed. However, they did run well at both shows.

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