N Scale in the CentraMod Club started around 1995 while the club was still located at the Outdoor America Mall. We were located in two different places in the mall before we moved to our current location in 2002 at the Moody Freight Depot.

Joe Teakell, our longest standing N Scale member, was followed by Bill Lancaster about two years later. Joe began tobuild the first N Scale modules following the N-Trak standards and made whatever adjustments were needed to fit into the space allowed (N scale didn’t get much respect! – translated “space” – in those early days). Our N scalegroup really began to come into its own when two more people from the Waco area joined the club in 2001 – we finally had that “critical mass” to make things happen.

Current Layout

The N Scale group bought out Joe and paid him for his modules in 2005. In January 2006, construction started on anew club layout to move closer to N Trak standards and take advantage of  four feet of extra space behind aseparating wall in our layout room (located at one end of the Moody Depot). All the modules have plywood tops covered with sound board (a 1/2 inch thick fiber board material from the local independent lumber yard).

The layout measures XX x XX feet and the area behind the extra wall is now a new yard facility with two run around tracks which are completely separate from the main layout. The yard will probably accommodate two operators, but could be operated by one.

A new mountain area next to the end wall of the building has a small interchange yard at the front corner of the main yard and rises from there along the back of the yard around to the left until it reaches the mountain area. It will be operated much like a narrow gauge railroad which connects with the main line only at the small interchange yard in the corner. It is standard gauge N Scale, but will only see Shays and small steam. The main yard will send a small switcher to work cars from the interchange yard over to the main railroad.

Another idea on the drawing board is to add a T configuration to the inside of the main layout and connect to several island modules (2′ x 8′) each with a different theme:

  1. Small city with industries to switch
  2. An intermodal yard servicing trailer and container traffic
  3. A multi-track passenger station

Each of these could be connected to the main layout at different times, thereby giving a completely different operational flavor. The unused modules would be stored beneath the one in use. We are considering a permanent tableon which the interchangeable modules will sit. Therefore, we will only need one set of legs and would allow faster changes between modules.


2006 March Mainline roadbed and track laid.
February All modules constructed and painted.
January Teardown of old and start of new permanent layout .
2005 Joe Teakle’s modules purchased by club.
1985 N Scale division of club formed.

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