Club Library

The club has an extensive library and is a major membership benefit. Almost all of these library materials have been donated over the years. If you have some railroad related items that you would like to donate, please click here.

The library currently has:

  • 109 Research Books
  • 95 How-To Books
  • 138 Videos
  • 44 How-To Videos
  • More than 1000 35mm slides

The library also has an extensive magazine collection. Just some of the periodicals in our collection are:

  • Classic Trains
  • Classic Toy Trains
  • CN Lines
  • CTC Board
  • Diesel Era
  • Extra 2200 South
  • Fine Scale Railroader
  • Journal of Texas Shortline Railroads And Transportation
  • Locomotive and Railway Preservation
  • Mainline Modeler
  • Model Railroading
  • Model Railroader
  • Model Trains
  • Monon Historical Society “The Hoosier Line”
  • Milwaukee Railroader, The
  • Miniature Railroading
  • New York Historical Society’s “Central Headlight”
  • Rock Island Technical Society Digest
  • N-Scale
  • National Model Railroad Association “The Bulletin”
  • North Western Lines
  • 0-Gauge Rail-Roading
  • 0-Scale News
  • Pacific Railnews
  • Rail Classics
  • Railfan & Railroad
  • Railmodel Journal
  • Railroad Magazine
  • Railroad Model Craftsman
  • Railroad Modeler
  • Railpace News Magazine
  • The Soo Line Historical and Technical Society “The Soo”
  • Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society “SP Trainline”
  • Southwestern Prototype Modeler and Prototype Modeler
  • Trains Magazine
  • TRP (The Railroad Press)
  • Trains Illustrated
  • Timber Times
  • Union Pacific Historical Society “The Streamliner”
  • Vintage Rails
  • Western Pacific Headlight
  • Santa Fe Modelers High Iron
  • Santa Fe Modelers Organization, Inc. “The Santa Fe Modeler”
  • The Santa Fe Historical Society “The Santa Fe Route”
  • The Santa Fe Historical Society “The Warbonnet”

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