Temple Model Train Show

The 34th Annual Temple Model Train Show is this coming weekend.
Just like last year, IH-35 is a mess through Temple. This is the best information I can give as of Tuesday September 13th.

From the south: Traveling North on IH-35 you need to take exit 303A/Industrial Blvd. This will take you onto the access road, it has concrete barriers on both sides so you can’t get off. Just follow it along, there will be a right hand turn onto 15th Street that will lead you to Industrial Blvd. There is a blue sign directing you to turn left onto Industrial Blvd. Take it to 3rd Street (traffic light) and turn left. After the turn there will be a lane that angles to the right that will take you to the front of the Mayborn Center. DO NOT BELIEVE GOOGLE MAPS, THERE IS NO EXIT 303B. An alternative would be to take exit 301/Central Ave. Central Ave is one way to the east. Follow it all the way to 3rd Street. Turn left on 3rd Street and follow it all the way north to the Mayborn Center.

From the north:
Take exit 303. This put you on the access road. At the stop sign turn left to cross the bridge, there is a blue sign for the Mayborn Center. It gets a little tricky but follow the road until you can turn left at a cross street, either Upshaw Ave or Zenith Ave at the light. You will have to make a u-turn to head back north on 3rd Street and take the lane that angles to the right that will take you to the Mayborn Center.

Travel Safe!

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