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CentraMod is a model railroad club located in Temple, Texas. Open House is typically held each month on the first and third Saturday at the historic Santa Fe Moody Depot. Be sure and check the Club Calendar (opens in new tab) for events and club hours.

Visitors are welcome to view operating train layouts in N, HO, and O (Lionel) Scales. If the doors are open while members are working during the middle of the week, visitors are welcome for a non-operating tour. There is no charge for admission.

CentraMod is now partnered with the City of Temple Parks and Leisure Services to provide a Model Railroad Museum and Model Railroad Activities to serve the general public.

NEW! Take a virtual 3D tour of our depot. Click here.


The model train club that was later to become CentraMod, Inc. had a “cart before the horse” beginning. Most train clubs are first organized and then begin to participate in train shows. Not so with CentraMod. The train club didn’t formally organize until after its founding members had already participated in the First Texas Train Festival held in Temple, Texas. Read more here.


CentraMod is located at 403 W. Avenue B in downtown Temple, Texas next to the old Santa Fe Depot and Amtrak Station in the historic Moody Depot. Be sure and check the Club Calendar for events and club hours.

Train Shows

Over the years, CentraMod’s layouts have participated in every major train show in all of the major cities. Modules have won Best of Show and received Honorable Mentions at NMRA National Train Shows. The club has also hosted the Temple Model Train Show for the last 40 years. Check our calendar for train show information. See the flyer here.


The club has an extensive library of mostly donated materials. It is a major membership benefit.


Interested in what you see? There is only one form of membership and it is easy to join. Read more here.


The Moody Depot is currently undergoing a number of much needed improvements and renovation. Contributions to this effort would be greatly appreciated.

Club Officers

This is a list of club officers, the people who keep things on track.

Contact Us

Send an e-mail to centramodrrclub@gmail.com

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