Whistle Stop Playground

The Whistle Stop Playground is located at 22 South 11th Street and west of the Moody Depot at the opposite end of the parking lot. It is open daily from 7:00 AM to sunset.

Back in April 2003, more than three thousands community volunteers built the playground in only seven days. Students from Temple High School, Bonham and Travis Middle Schools and TOVAS charter school took time out of their school schedule to also help with the playground project.

Due to a number of requests to provide a facility where parents and grandparents could have birthday parties or picnics for their children or grandchildren, the park was soon expanded in November 2003 to include a covered pavilion and bridge to the playground.

250 fence pickets for the fence around the playground were sold to generate money for the pavilion and bridge. The expansion cost nearly $32,000 and The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Foundation donated $15,000 toward the pavilion.

For pavilion reservations and information call the Temple Parks & Leisure Services Administration at 254-298-5690.

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