Plans Made for Upcoming Display

The meeting for May 2008 was called to order May 3rd by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:32.

The minutes for April 2008 were presented. Bradley Linda said the headsets are now located in the HO Scale layout. Bill Lancaster made a motion to accept the minutes and Joe Pyland seconded. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was submitted and read.

Old Business

Betty Neill checked with the CPA and said he is still working on the club’s Form 990. The CPA will request an extension if he doesn’t have it finished by the May 15th deadline.

Building Committee – Ed Neill said the deck painting project went well. He was assisted by Trace Bowen, Noel Cowling, Mike Hitzfelder, Mike Ross, and Wiley Starnes. Most of the deck received two coats of paint with some areas receiving three.

Inventory Committee –Betty Neill reported that she should be getting pictures of some HO items today.

Train Show – Jim Bush announced that he had emailed out the train show work schedule and posted a copy in the depot meeting room. Jim said they had placed show brochures at two other area train shows last month. Jim asked that any club members planning to attend a train show to please see him for brochures to place at that show.

Raffle Layout – Mike Ross had nothing new to report.

Wiley Starnes said O Scale still intends to display at the Railroad and Historical Museum (RRHM) on May 17th as part of a military layout. Dan Ladd announced that on this same day, there will be a military static display to the west of the depot. Club members will have to park between the museum and the depot.

Mike Cleveland said that Bradley Linda and Mike Hitzfelder will be conducting a clinic on Operations 101 on May 10th starting between 10:00 and 10:30 AM. The clinic will last 30-45 minutes. Following a break for lunch, they will conduct an operating session. The session will be conducted on the HO layout and is open to all club members regardless of scale. Mike also asked that anyone interested in conducting a clinic contact him so he can schedule it.

Mike Cleveland said he spoke to TXU about moving the club to a different tariff. The TXU representative thought they could offer the club a better tariff since the biggest part of the electrical bill is the demand rate paid each month. TXU never followed up as they said they would. Dan Ladd said he also was still waiting for them to follow-up with him from his contact two months ago. Wiley Starnes asked Mike and Dan to write a letter to TXU for his signature requesting a resolution to this situation.

New Business

Wiley Starnes announced that he will serve as an interim board member through the end of the year.

Bill Lancaster said he needed a ladder to replace light bulbs in the depot. Bradley Linda made a motion to purchase an 8’ step ladder to replace lights. Joe Pyland seconded and the motion passed.

Wiley Starnes said that Baylor University had asked the club to tentatively exhibit at their museum from December 4-21, 2008. The exact dates are yet to be finalized. Bradley Linda made a motion for this to be a club event. Steffon Norris seconded and the motion passed.

Dan Ladd reported that the RRHM has asked the club to support their summer train camp again this year from June 17-19. He said his church had also asked him to do a train camp for them on June 11. Steffon Norris made a motion for this to be a club event, Bradley Linda seconded, and the motion passed.

Bradley Linda made a motion to adjourn. Randy Hiersig seconded and the club adjourned at 11:21.

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