Club Depot Renovation Continues

The meeting for April 2008 was called to order April 5th by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:33.

The minutes for March 2008 were presented. A motion was made by Trace Bowen and seconded by Mike Ross to accept the minutes as read. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was submitted and read.

Old Business

Dan Ladd discussed the electricity bill and why the club pays what it does. Mike Cleveland is going to contact TXU to see if the club can get moved to a different tariff.

Dan Ladd reported on the 2008 Membership distribution by scale.

Building Committee – Ed Neill said the deck painting project has started. Ed tested one gallon last week between rains. Ed is looking for 2-3 volunteers to finish this project next week. All materials and equipment will be provided.

Inventory Committee – Betty Neill reported that the inventory is coming along fine. HO is the last one to be inventoried and they should be submitting their report today.

Train Show – Jim Bush was not present to report.

Raffle Layout – The layout is all ballasted and ready for scenery.

Ron Miller will set up the G Scale modular layout on April 10th at the RRHM.

BNSF will have a Family Day on April 26th. The club was asked to open for this event. Bradley Linda made a motion to be open from 12-5 PM for this event. Ron Miller seconded and the motion passed.

New Business

Bob Atkins and his son Rob from Waco, Texas were welcomed as new members. They model in HO Scale.

Mike Cleveland is working up a schedule for clinics.

The RRHM has asked the club to participate in a military layout display on May 17th. Bradley Linda made a motion to display at the museum and Steffon Norris seconded. The motion passed.

Randy Hiersig asked if a sign could be put up informing visitors about the N Scale layout display. Mike Ross mentioned that there is a sign for more exhibits from the train show that could be used.

Jack Merkel from Austin, Texas has donated two radios with headphones to the club. They are located on the O Scale layout.

Dan Ladd spoke with Sam Farrell from ExtraCo Bank. ExtraCo will sponsor the Raffle Layout this year.

Betty Neill reported that the interest rate on the club’s bank account will be less than it has been in the past.

Randy Hiersig said he had some of Dieter’s HO scale equipment for sale.

Bob Alston submitted his resignation from the Board of Directors.

Trace Bower made a motion to adjourn. Randy Hiersig seconded and the club adjourned at 11:01.

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