Club to Display at Temple Mall in August

he meeting for July 2008 was called to order July 5th by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:30.

The minutes for June 2008 were presented. Bradley Linda made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Mike Ross seconded. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was submitted and read.

Old Business

Last months electricity bill was discussed. Running the A/C on the additional days scheduled last month used 5x as much electricity and resulted in a 25% increase in the total bill. Bradley Linda made a motion to allow for the A/C to be run for club events such and work and run days with prior approval granted at the business meeting. Mike Hitzfelder seconded and the motion passed.

The membership discussed having a facility use fee to offset electricity costs.

Raffle Layout – Mike Ross had nothing to report. Dave Krauss suggested that the club use some other description for the raffle tickets.

Building Committee – Ed Neill had nothing new to report.

Inventory Committee – Betty Neill was pleased to announce that inventory was complete.

Mike Cleveland spoke twice with a Troy Anderson from TXU re: electricity bill. Troy reported that TXU does not offer “Time of Day” use rates anymore. The club on average pays .15/kwh which is on an unsecured rate that can change at any time. Troy said he could lock the club into a .10/kwh rate. However, if the club were to do so, the club would be charged an additional .40-.45/kwh wire delivery charge that isn’t locked in. It appears the current situation is the best for now.

Bylaws Committee – Wiley Starnes asked the Board to meet with this committee after the business meeting.

Betty Neill made a motion to send two tickets per CPA partner to the firm that filed the club’s Form 990 in appreciation. Mike Hitzfelder seconded and the motion passed.

Train Show – Jim Bush was not present to report. Ed Neill said he had pre-sale tickets available and to see him if you are interested.

Bill Lancaster met with the Temple Mall and they will have a display space but he doesn’t know how large or where it will be. Noel Cowling made a motion to display on the weekends of August 23rd and August 30th to sell raffle tickets and train show tickets. Bradley Linda seconded and the motion passed.

Baylor University – Ron Miller said the modular groups have been working on modules in preparation for the Baylor and Waco Train shows. He had work schedules available. See Ron if you are interested in participating.

New Business

Dan Ladd said the RRHM has created a railfan event planned for October 10-11. It will include a tour of the BNSF facilities. The cost will be $40/person. The RRHM will be publicizing and running the event. The RRHM wants to make a tour of the club part of the event. Joe Pyland made a motion for this to be a club event. Trace Bowen seconded and the motion passed.

Bradley Linda suggested riding a steam train instead of having a Christmas party this year. He will investigate pricing.

Mike Hitzfelder asked about adding ceiling or tilt fans to the depot. Joe Pyland asked the Building Committee to look into a solution and present at the next business meeting.

Trace Bowen said a widow from Sun City wanted to donate her husband’s N Scale collection to a permanent club.

Bradley Linda made a motion to adjourn. Randy Hiersig seconded and the club adjourned at 11:33.

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