Standing Budget Committee Formed

The meeting was called to order on February 7th at 7:24 PM by Club President Bill Lancaster. The next Run Day will be February 15th.

The minutes for January were introduced. Beverly made a motion to accept and was seconded by Michael Hiersig. The motion passed and the minutes were accepted.

The financial statement for January was read and accepted.

Betty presented the budget for 2003. A motion to accept the budget was presented with modifications to the amount for utilities made by Bob Alston. It was seconded by Richard Leonberger and the motion passed.

Old Business

Betty suggested a standing budget committee be formed consisting of one member from each of the three scales plus the Treasurer. Bob Alston made a motion accordingly, and Wiley Starnes seconded. The motion passed. Current Budget Committee members are Joe Teakell (N), Mike Ross (HO), Earl Blanchette (Lionel), and Betty Neill.

Dr. Dan presented bids for the Depot signs (logo and banner). A motion was made to accept the bid from the contractor who could install the sign at the earliest date. Beverly made the motion and Ed Neill seconded. The motion passed.

The Raffle Layout finally found a home at the Ronald McDonald house.

The Kiddie’s Layout has been refurbished by Earl Blanchette, Wiley Starnes, and Richard Leonberger. It looks professional and runs great. Thanks for all your hard work.

New Business

Guests at the meeting included Joe Pyland, and Roger and Lana Schmidt.

The membership committee has met and established new guidelines for general membership. A motion was made by Dieter Hiersig and seconded by Dr Bruce Koehler to accept these guidelines. The motion passed.

It was decided to review the by-laws once again to determine our ability to regroup under the 501(c)3 concept to give us more flexibility. The board of directors will take this up soon.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

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