N Scale and Lionel to Exhibit At Waco Show

The meeting was called to order on the January 3rd at 7:05 PM, by Club President Bill Lancaster. The next business meeting is February 7th and the next Run Day is January 18th.

Minutes for last meeting were not available.

The financial statements for November and December 2002 were reviewed and accepted.

The End-of-Year financial statement was made available to the membership. An Ad Hoc committee was formed, one member from each scale, to meet with Betty Neill to formulate a budget for 2003. Members volunteering were Joe Teakelly (N), Mike Ross (HO) and Earl Blanchette (Lionel). A meeting was called for January 18, 2003 at 10:30 AM.

Old Business

We have not yet received an electric bill. Betty Neill has been assured that: 1. We are receiving electricity, 2. We are using it, 3. TXU has our correct mailing address, and 4. They cannot tell us how much. It was suggested we keep in mind an appropriate amount to cover the cost.

N Scale and Lionel will attend the Waco Winter Train and Doll Show on January 10th and 11th.

Dues are due for 2003.

Beverly presented has an estimate for our outdoor sign including installation.

New Business

A proposal was made to fix our interior lighting in the Baggage Room by adding fluorescent lights. A motion was made to improve the existing light fixtures by Richard Zamudio and seconded by Kennedy Gauger. The motion passed.

Bob Alston has requested to host the LSR of the NMRA. He wishes to use the depot building with the club’s permission. The club agreed.

It was mentioned that the Great American Train Show (GATS) has once again scheduled a show with the same dates as our 2003 show. Bob Alston called the GATS Coordinator and related details of his conversation with the membership.

The fact that we need a Train Show point of contact was mentioned.

Howard Bell is scheduled for surgery on January 13th.

HO members will place an order for Digitrax equipment in the next month. The club will consolidate the order and mail a single check to Loy’s Toys for the purchase.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

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