New Club Signs Look Great

The meeting was called to order on April 2nd at 1 PM by Club President Ron Miller.

The minutes for March were presented. A motion to accept as such was made by Bill Lancaster and seconded by Wiley Starnes. The motion carried and the minutes were accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report was submitted by Betty Neill. She reports we have 43 paid members. The remainder are delinquent and notices will be sent by Betty after conferring with Ron Miller.

Old Business

Bids to copy the print of the Temple Yard are $30, but we are still waiting for a downloaded file from Matt Zebrowski.

Mike Cleveland still has opportunities to conduct a clinic. He is currently contacting hobby shops for publicity and interested modelers. We need members to participate. The next open house on April 16th will feature a clinic on the “Basics of DCC” by Joe Pyland.

Joe Teakell presented an agenda item from last month’s meeting. He discussed a need for the club to review participation in outside shows. Betty discussed insurance ramifications concerning these activities, especially during transportation and we can expect the cost of the club’s liability insurance to increase.

Bob Alston made a motion to purchase the additional insurance, which will become due in July, at the cost specified, to which Bill Lancaster seconded. The motion carried. Immediately following the vote, Joe Pyland made a motion to accept Joe Teakell’s document as written, to which Howard Bell seconded. That motion also passed.

Jerry Johnson’s CentraMod sign efforts, and those of his Marketing Class, were in evidence as Earl Blanchette presented the new signs.  If you haven’t noticed, you should see they are first-class. Plaudits to Jerry.

Bob Alston presented the costs for a new CentraMod banner. He inquired as to our direction concerning this. Joe Pyland made a motion to table further discussions; Craig Lancaster seconded, and the motion passed.

New Business

New members Bob Johnson and Bruce Baker were introduced. Both model in HO Scale.

One of the hand carts on the Kiddie Layout wound up on the casualty list. Wiley Starnes presented the replacement cost and it will be up to the club if they want to proceed.

The raffle layout for this year’s Train Show appears to be “on track”. Track and cars have been donated by PufferBelly’s of Waco. He also donated a locomotive. Wiley suggested the club give PufferBelly a complimentary table at this year’s show. Wiley made a motion to offer a free table to PufferBelly, to which Bill Lancaster seconded. The motion passed.

The Temple Train Show will be held a week after our Show in September. A motion was made to have a second open house for this occasion. Richard Leonberger seconded and the motion passed.

Ron Miller suggested we place signs in the depot’s windows at strategic locations to advertise the club’s open house. This will be looked into.

It was discovered that the club’s PO Box addressee was listed as “Texas Train Festival”.  This was changed on the spot by the nice folks at the Post Office.

The meeting adjourned at 2:10 PM.

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