Club Discusses Establishing Policy for Exhibiting at Shows

The meeting was called to order on March 5th at 1:05 PM by Club President Ron Miller.

The minutes for February were presented. A motion to accept as such was made by Bill Lancaster and seconded by Wiley Starnes. The motion carried and the minutes were accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report for February 2005 was discussed by Ron Miller and accepted.

Old Business

Jerry Johnson said we should have the logo sign in two weeks.

The plans for the Temple Yard circa 1940 are in disk form and should be sent to us by designer Matt Zebrowski.

New Business

Mike Cleveland discussed the Clinic Presentation. Topics should be given by 2 or 3 people for short duration working on advance notice. Joe Pyland requested the possibility of video taping the presentations. Joe Teakell suggested making public service announcements and inviting an outside audience, thus giving the club more exposure. We decided to try and present the first clinic in April 2005.

For the past two or three years, the N and 0 Scale members have been running module layouts at the Waco Doll show. They wanted to discuss the disposition of donations made for attendance at shows, and in general, for layouts traveling to various locales, and to establish rules of engagement at future shows.

Topics for discussion were:

  1. Should the club vote on each activity as if it were a club function?
  2. Use of club property.
  3. Reimbursement of direct expenses incurred.
  4. Whether donations should go to the club as a whole.
  5. Insurance considerations.
  6. Admission to function if limited to participants only and not the entire club membership.

After a lengthy discussion, Richard Zamudio made a motion essentially to present to the club as an agenda item for a future business meeting. Bill Lancaster seconded and the motion passed.

Kennedy Gauger inquired if the club would be interested in purchasing a type of pullover shirt for use by members, which would have the club logo and member’s name. He will check on prices and availability and report back to the club.

Dieter Hierzig reported that library books are available for check out. We also have 25 picture albums with over 6,000 slides available. He also mentioned that certain members have long overdue items which need to be returned to the library.

The meeting adjourned at 2 PM.

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