2005 Budget Passed, Meeting and Run Dates Discussed

The meeting was called to order on February 19th at 11:07 AM by Club President Ron Miller.

The minutes for January were introduced. A motion to accept as presented was made by Joe Pyland and seconded by JC Fischer. The motion carried and the minutes were accepted as presented.

The Treasurer’s Report for December 2004 and January were presented and discussed. The December report included locksmith expenses for repair of the lock to the front door. Ed Neill explained how to operate. The reports were accepted. Betty Neill then presented the budget for 2005. She explained each line item. Bill Lancaster made a motion to accept the budget. JC Fischer seconded and the motion carried. The 2005 budget was accepted.

Old Business

The snack list for 2005 is posted in the kitchen.

The contract for the 2005 Train Show has been executed.

Mike Cleveland discussed clinic development. He mentioned the possibility of needing a small amount of funds from time to time for operation. The members agreed to consider on a case-by-case basis.

Dan Ladd presented proposed costs for completion of CentraMod display signs. Bob Alston asked to present an alternative at the next meeting.

A rather impromptu discussion of future meetings for business and run dates began, and whether to have two Saturday meetings and mix in the business meeting. Betty asked that we include cleaning the depot during one of the meetings. Consensus seemed to settle on the first Saturday as a good day for the business meeting. Bob Alston made a motion to designate the first Saturday of each month at 1 PM as the business meeting followed by cleaning and a work session. The third Saturday of each month would be for the presentation of clinics and to have open run sessions for the public. Snacks will be served on Run Day. Craig Lancaster seconded and the motion carried. This schedule will start with the March business meeting at 1 PM on March 5th and Run Day on March 19th.

New Business

JC Fischer has a list of his books, posted with Dieter, for loan to members. The museum also has blueprints for Texas railroads and a large color print of the Temple yard, circa 1948. If there is enough membership interest, we will check out the cost of printing copies.

It was discussed placing flyers at regional train shows. If you are going to a train show, take some flyers to hand out.

Lyle Benson, of Georgetown, donated many boxcars in HO Scale to the club. There were all Texas & Pacific with no duplicate numbers.

The meeting adjourned at 12:20 PM.


Business meetings will be held at 1 PM on the first Saturday of the month; Run Days on the third Saturday

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