New Clinic Schedule Announced

The meeting was called to order on June 4th by Club President Ron Miller.

No minutes were available from the May business meeting. Mike Ross, Club Secretary, was recovering from surgery.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Betty Neill. 145 tables have been sold thus far for the show.

Old Business

The Lampasas group visited during the last run day.

Fans are needed for the depot.

Discussion about when clinics should be conducted took place. Motion was made by Joe Pyland for clinics to be conducted on Fridays after the business meetings. Seconded by Ed Neill and the motion carried. Clinics will conducted on the Fridays after the business meetings.

New Business

We had several visitors and new members present. These included Dave and Robert Weakley (HO), Mike Petty (HO), and Michael DeWeiss (HO/0).

A suggestion was made for the N scalers to place a dummy engine and cars on their layout so visitors could have a reference for scale as they visit the various layouts.

A motion was made by Joe Pyland for Betty and Ed Neill to fans to use in the depot for Cooling. It was seconded by Kirk Chubb and the motion carried.

UP 3985 will be in College Station on Sunday, June 13.

All members were reminded to unplug all fans before leaving the building.

A motion was made by Joe Pyland to adjourn. All members present seconded and the meeting was adjourned.

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