Fans Installed to Reduce Utility Cost

The meeting was called to order on July 9th at 7:10 PM by Club President Ron Miller. The next Run Day July 17th and the next business meeting will be August 6th.

The minutes were introduced. Joe Pyland made a motion to accept as written. The motion was seconded by Bill Lancaster and the minutes were accepted.

The finance report was submitted by Betty Neill and accepted. We have sold 156 tables for the Train Show thus far.

Old business

Clinics – Tell Ron if you would like to give or attend a clinic and on what subject

Fans were purchased and installed throughout the building. These should be used to reduce electrical consumption (A/C usage) throughout the month. We should use the air conditioner only during run and business days. For run days, turn the A/C on at 10 AM and off at 3 PM. Business days on at 5 PM and off by 8 PM. Ed made a motion to implement these changes. Bill Lancaster seconded and the motion passed. A bid was received to insulate the floor. The lease on the building expires in 2 years.

The librarian reports two past-due items. One of them we may not get back. Please return your check-outs promptly.

New Business

Pat Rye, Contractor for the Museum and Dan Ladd had a brief meeting. She wondered if we would be running any separate layouts at the Depot during our Train Show. Some vendors see this as a conflict as it draws people away from the show. We will review this practice for next year’s show.

The librarian reports that there are numerous duplicate magazines. Richard Zamudio made a motion to sell all the excess/duplicates at this year’s show, starting at $0.50 per copy, depending on what the traffic would bear. Mike Ross seconded, and the motion passed.

We will set up at the Mall again as before, the last weekend in August and the first weekend in September. The raffle layout and an HO layout (size to be determined) will be displayed.

Bill reported we will have Amtrak tickets for raffle at this year’s show. We will need to have an appropriate number of raffle tickets printed. Bill will handle the printing of the tickets.

Expected layouts for this year’s show are:

  • Z Scale – TBD
  • N Scale – AustN, SanTrak
  • G Scale – Austin Tin Plate, Chlapek
  • HO Scale – ArkLaTex, Doege

Note that young Mr.Chlapek has been holding children’s attention (children of all ages) for more than ten years.

Ed Neil will conduct a clinic immediately following this meeting.

Ed made a motion to adjourn, Craig seconded and the meeting adjourned at 8:15.

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