173 Tables Sold for Model Train Show

The meeting was called to order on August 6th at 7:10 PM by Club President Ron Miller. The next business meeting will be September 3rd, Labor Day notwithstanding. The next Run Day will be August 21st.

The minutes for July were introduced. Bill Lancaster made a motion to accept as presented and Craig Lancaster seconded. The motion carried.

The financial report was read by Betty Neill. She reports we have sold 173 tables for the Train Show thus far. The report was accepted as read.

Old Business

The electricity bills for June and July were reviewed. We are using the air conditioning slightly more than in the past.

The museum would like to have two tables at the show.

Don’t forget the Mall display on 28-29 August & 4-5 September.

New Business

We will set up for the Train Show at the Mayborn Center on Friday evening, September 17th.

Dieter reports many improvements to the Library. Past due materials will be posted on the library door.

The task list for the show has been handed out. If there are any changes, please see Betty. If you have a conflict, perhaps you can work out a swap with another member.

Ed Neill tried to get the American Legion to buy a block of tickets to enable the military entry-free status to the show, but they were not interested. Ed also briefly discussed the importance of pre-sale tickets.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

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