Modular Layout Displays Ready for Winter Shows

The meeting for November 2008 was called to order November 1st in the historic Moody Depot by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:30.

The minutes for October’s 2008 business meeting were presented. The following corrections were noted:

  • “Dan Ladd that all of the …” should read “Dan Ladd reported that all of the …”
  • “There were twenty-four votes for, one against, and one spoiled ballot. The proposed changed to the Articles of Incorporation passed.” should read “There were twenty-three votes for, one against, and one spoiled ballot. The proposed change to the Articles of Incorporation passed.”
  • “Wiley Starnes made a motion to raise the club dues from $50/year to $100/year effective January 1, 2009.” should read “A motion was made and seconded to raise the club dues from $50/ year to $100/year effective January 1, 2009.”

Ron Miller made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected and Mike Ross seconded. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was submitted and read.

Old Business

Wiley Starnes reminded everyone that The Texas Association of Downtowns will be meeting in Temple on Wednesday, November 12th. Approximately 75 attendees will be visiting the club from 1-4 PM. Contact Wiley if you can help operate layouts for this special open house.

By-Laws – Bill Lancaster said they are still waiting to receive the new bylaws from the attorney.

Building Committee – Ed Neill had nothing to report.

Ed Neill reminded everyone on Noel Cowling’s behalf of the two upcoming Santa Fe facility tours. Only three vehicles can be used per tour. Maps were made available to those that desired them. Participants will meet at the North end of the BNSF yards at 09:00 on the tour days. If you have any questions, call Noel.

Inventory Committee – Betty Neill said each scale will be asked to review and verify their inventory in January.

Clinics – Mike Cleveland was not present to report.

Train Show – Wiley Starnes appointed Jim Bush as 2009 Train Show Chairman. Ron Miller withdrew his motion to extend pre-registration vendor table pricing to vendors that had reserved and paid for 2008 show tables. Bradley Linda made a motion for pre-registration pricing to be extended to all vendors registrations received or postmarked prior to March 15, 2009. Ron Miller seconded. There were fourteen votes for and five against. The motion passed.

Jim Bush said he thinks future train show chairs should be appointed in November instead of waiting until January as in the past. He also suggested that a train show contingency plan be developed in the event that something conflicts with the successful execution of the train show. He also suggested that while the club membership should vote on table and admission pricing for future shows, that other decisions related to show operation be left to the train show committee.

Baylor Show – Please contact Ron Miller if you are available to help load up on November 20-21 and with setup starting November 24th at 09:00 at the Mayborn Museum on the Waco Campus. They have been working just about every day at Ron’s church to prepare for the show. Give Ron a call if you would like to help.

Wiley Starnes discussed a needed correction to the September Special Meeting minutes and read the revised minutes. Ron Miller made a motion to accept the corrected minutes to show the result of the vote as twenty-three votes for, one against, and one spoiled ballot. Ed Neill seconded and the motion passed.

Wiley Starnes reminded everyone of the Christmas Dinner on December 4th at Raymond’s in Lorena. Dinner will begin at 1800 and be followed by a business meeting and a White Elephant Gift Exchange starting at 1900. Gifts should be $10 or less. Members should be sure they have signed up to attend the dinner and how many will be in their party. Contact Wiley if you didn’t get a chance to sign up.

Ed Neill reported they were still investigating Director and Officer insurance coverage.

New Business

Wiley Starnes announced he would be hosting an open house for his home layout from 1800-2000 on December 5th and 6th.

Wiley Starnes said he had flyers available for the January Waco Train Show. Please see Wylie if you are interested in helping hand these out.

Wiley Starnes announced that the Board of Directors would meet after today’s business meeting.

The RRHM is sponsoring a Hobby Day on January 17th, 2009. Wiley Starnes said he will get more information as it becomes available.

Bradley Linda made a motion for the HO group to be allowed to run the HVAC as necessary on November 8th and 29th. Joe Pyland seconded and the motion passed.

Joe Pyland made a motion to adjourn and Randy Hiersig seconded. The club adjourned at 12:00.

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