Club to Display at Temple Mall

The meeting for August 2009 was called to order August 1st in the historic Moody Depot by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:30.

The minutes for July 2009 were presented. A motion was made by Trace Bowen and seconded by Bruce Kohler to accept the minutes as read. The motion passed. The Treasurer’s report was submitted, read, and accepted.

Old Business

Bill Lancaster reported that he thinks the Temple Mall has a good location for the club to exhibit the last two weekends of August. He is waiting for confirmation on the space. Bradley Linda made a motion for setup, display, and teardown at the Temple Mall to be an official club function. Joe Pyland seconded and the motion passed. Ed Neill volunteered to seek newspaper coverage for the event.

Ed Neill reported that he has Train Show pre-sale tickets available.

New Business

Wiley Starnes announced:

  • Chik-fil-A will be back at the RRHM on 8/15. See the RRHM for more information.
  • Trish Butler has donated many model railroading magazines to the club.
  • The RRHM is offering a railfan trip to Killeen. See the RRHM for more information.

Wiley Starnes reported that he and Earl Blanchette had worked on the donated N Scale layout and made its control panel removable. Bradley Linda made a motion to sell the N Scale layout as is, where is, by sealed bid to be opened the first Saturday of September, and removed by the winning bidder no later than September 15th. Buddy Burk seconded and the motion passed. Sealed bids must be made in person between now and the first Saturday in September no later than 10:00. The layout can be viewed at the historic Moody depot during visiting hours. Joe Pyland made a motion for proceeds of the layout sale to go to the general fund. Trace Bowen seconded and the motion passed.

An operations clinic will be held on 8/8 to be followed by an operating session after lunch.

The ATSF Historical and Modeling Society will be holding their 2012 convention in Temple, TX.

Wiley Starnes reported receiving a letter from the City of Temple approving requested changes to the depot’s front door and storage cage in the HO layout area. The HO group will submit a plan for what they intend to do with the storage area.

Wiley Starnes read a letter from the RRHM requesting support for a 2009 Christmas layout that would run all weekends in December. Ed Neill made a motion for this to be a club function, Steve Wyatt seconded, and the motion passed. Volunteers, track, and transformers are needed. See Dan Ladd if you are interested in participating.

The HO group requested and was approved to use the HVAC as needed on 8/8 and 8/29.

Jim Moody said he was looking for a carpet covered box. If found, please contact Jim.

Bradley Linda made a motion to adjourn and Keith Hartberg seconded. The club adjourned at 11:17.

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