Clinic Committee Announces New Clinic Schedule

The meeting for March 2009 was called to order March 7th in the historic Moody Depot by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:30.

The minutes for February 2009 were presented. A motion was made by Joe Pyland and seconded by Mike Ross to approve the minutes as read. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was submitted, read, and accepted.

Old Business

Library – Bill Lancaster had nothing to report.

Bill Lancaster reported that he had 2009 Sign-up sheets for treats and clean-up posted in the kitchen.

Ed Neill met with the city regarding the train order signal. Bradley Linda said there are some issues with installing the train order signal.

Clinics – Dick Copeland announced clinics for the next two months. Joe Pyland will conduct a clinic on HO Gauge Standards on March Run Day at 10:30 and Trace Bowen will conduct a clinic on N and HO Decoder Installation in April Run Day at 10:30.

Inventory – Betty Neill said she will be meeting with the scales this month.

Train Show – Ed Neill reported that flyers had been printed off and taken to other train shows in the area. Wylie Starnes announced that the raffle layout for 2009 will be O Scale.

Electric Bill – Ron Miller reported that he had not had time to change electricity providers.

New Business

Dan Ladd reported on the 2009 membership by scale.

Ed Neill presented a plaque to Buddy Burk in recognition of his 25 years of service to the club.

Wiley Starnes reported that some O Scale buildings belonging to the club were taken from the club meeting room area. Anyone having information on the building whereabouts should see Wylie.

Dan Ladd reported that the club had run out of large patches for club vests. JC Fisher made a motion for the club to purchase 50 patches. Steffon Norris seconded and the motion passed.

Bradley Linda said he had been asked by the RRHM to open for their railfan weekend in October. He will gather specifics and present them at next month’s meeting. Trace Bowen made a motion to give tentative approval to open the club for the RRHM Railfan Weekend pending specifics. Mike Hitzfelder seconded and the motion passed.

The RRHM will be holding a Train Camp on June 17, 2009 from 9-12 AM. Steffon Norris made a motion to support the RRHM Train Camp. Nan Lathrop seconded. Joe Pyland amended the motion to insert “tentatively support” and Mike Hitzfelder seconded. The motion passed.

Wylie Starnes read the list of nominees for the 2009 Board of Directors. There were no nominee retractions. There were no nominations from the floor. Bradley Linda made a motion to close nominations. Ron Miller seconded and the motion passed.

Wylie Starnes appointed members of the present board not running for re-election to serve on the Teller Committee. Those appointed were Betty Neill, Mike Ross, and Joe Teakell.

Instructions for completing the ballot for a preferential style election were given. Ballots were distributed, votes made, and ballots collected.

Wylie Starnes called for a recess at 11:12 to tally the ballots.

Wylie called the meeting back to order at 12:17. The 2009 Board of Directors was announced:

  • Elected to a 3-year term were Jim Bush, Ron Miller, and Wylie Starnes.
  • Elected to a 2-year term were Dan Ladd, Bradley Linda, and Joe Pyland.
  • Elected to a 1-year term were Buddy Burk, Ed Neill, and Clark Overman.

Bradley Linda made a motion to adjourn and Steffon Norris seconded. The club adjourned at 12:21.

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