Building Lease Extended for 15 Years

The meeting was called to order by Club President Earl Blanchette on April 1st at 1 PM.

The minutes for March were introduced; a motion to accept as read was made by Mike Cleveland and seconded by Earl Blanchette. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was presented. As of this meeting, we have sold 120 tables for the 2006 Train Show. Betty Neill requested a meeting of the Finance Committee following adjournment.

Old Business

Kennedy read a draft letter for membership’s approval soliciting donations to the club.  Mike Cleveland explained a few points. Ed Neill and Ed Underwood added comments. Keith Hartberg suggested adding contributors’ names to the web site as recognition, subject to contributor’s concurrence. Mike Cleveland made a motion to publish the letter as drafted; Keith Hartberg seconded. The motion carried.

The Temple 125th Birthday bash is coming the weekend of April 8th & 9th. Pat Dye is still making changes to operation. The Carnival will open on Thursday. The Museum will open at 10 AM. The club can be open at any time. We have been requested to close at 4:30 PM on Saturday to support the scheduled band performance.

There will be no parking anywhere near the Depot during the weekend. Shuttle service will be provided from the Temple High School and Mayborn Center to the Santa Fe Depot parking lot every 20 minutes.

Keith Hartberg made a motion to change Run Day from the 3rd Saturday to the 2nd Saturday to coincide with the festivities. Howard Bell seconded and the motion carried. There will be a preliminary meeting at the ATSF Depot at 6:30 PM Thursday for planning.

Our deepest appreciation goes out to Mike and Laurie Cleveland for their generosity in allowing us to use their printer. It will be maintained in the file room. See Earl, Betty, or Bill Lancaster for key. Remember to post to the usage sheet.

Ed Neill gave a brief presentation on the Temple City Council’s unanimous approval of our request for a 15-year lease extension. Ed suggested acquiring tenant’s enhancement insurance through our insurance carrier for our protection at an additional annual cost.

Ed then explained our renovation priorities, as he sees them:

  1. Install a new HVAC to the replace current system upstairs and possibly replace the downstairs system with the current model.
  2. Refurbish the interior.
  3. Replace windows.
  4. Add insulation.

Ed made a motion to move ahead and authorize Club President Earl Blanchette to sign the authorization and lease agreement with City, to which Ed Underwood seconded. The motion carried.

New Business

School kids will be in the area Wednesday at 10 AM both at our Depot and the Museum.

The meeting adjourned at 2:05 PM.

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