Depot Renovation to Begin

The meeting for May 2006 was called to order on May 5th by Club President Earl Blanchette at 1 PM. The next business meeting is scheduled for June 3rd and the next run day will be May 20th.

The minutes for April 2006 were introduced; motion to accept as read was made by Mike Cleveland, and seconded by Wiley Starnes. The motion passed.

The treasurer’s report for May 2006 was presented by Dan Ladd who explained the work about to be performed at the depot.  Dan explained that the Operating and Building Fund accounts will be combined to facilitate paying the depot renovation expenses.

Old Business

Kennedy Gauger requests that members use the Yahoo Group site, or it will be eliminated. Yahoo’s new policy is “No use, You lose”.

The funds solicitation letter was shared with the membership. If anyone knows of individuals, groups, businesses, and the like, who may wish to donate, please see Mike Cleveland.  Mike also reported that 149 tables for the Train Show were sold as of today’s meeting.

Earl also mentioned that a member’s commitment to purchasing $30 worth of pre-sale tickets to the Train Show is strictly voluntary.

New Business

Dan explained the proposed building expenses for the siding, windows, and HVAC system. Trim samples were available in the meeting room. A motion was made to proceed with all renovations as deemed appropriate and start work within the next two weeks. Joe Pyland seconded, and the motion carried.

Dan Ladd was appointed coordinator to work with Santa Fe Museum staff to see that they schedule their train festival either the weekend before or after our Train Show.

Joe Pyland requested two additional electrical outlets. Ed Neill will check with the contractor.

Noel Cowling needs volunteers to help with the push-carts. Please see him after the meeting.

Neil Locke presented a sample badge he intends to present to members for their personal use while at the Depot during Business and Run Days to help identify each of us. They will include names. We hope to have these in the next two weeks. They will be at no cost to members.

Joe Pyland will conduct a clinic on the application of dry transfer decals immediately following meeting.

Bob Alston mentioned that the National Model Railroading Lone Star Region convention is scheduled for 2007 in Round Rock at the Wingate Hotel Conference Room. Membership in the NMRA and LSR is required, but this will be a gala affair.

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