501(c)(3) Application Filed

Annual Meeting and Election to be held in November

The Membership Meeting for October 2009 was called to order October 3rd in the historic Moody Depot by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:29.

The minutes for September 2009 were presented. A motion was made by Trace Bowen and seconded by Steffon Norris to accept the minutes as read. The motion passed. The Treasurer’s report was submitted, read, and accepted.

Old Business

The Annual Meeting will be held November 7th. Nominations for Dick Copeland, Ed Neill, and Clark Overman were submitted prior to the meeting. Steffon Norris and Fred Price were subsequently nominated and nominations were closed. Wiley Starnes directed the club secretary to prepare a ballot with these names for elections to be held at the November Annual Meeting.

Ed Neill reported the club’s application for 501(c)(3) status has been filed with the IRS.

Wiley Starnes reported he spoke with Judy at the RRHM about the Cowcatcher article and she was aware of the problem. She checked some other fliers and found that CentraMod was not mentioned on those either.

Ron Miller reminded everyone of the Baylor show in December. Setup will begin Monday, 11/30. The display will open to the public on Saturday, 12/5 and run through Sunday, 1/3/10. Teardown will begin 1/4. Contact Ron if you are interested in participating.

Dan Ladd said he has plenty of curved track but still needs 36 pieces of straight track. He also still needs one more transformer and one more train for the RRHM Christmas display.

New Business

Wiley Starnes announced:

  • Ed Bain is a new member from Temple, TX who models in O & HO.
  • Ed Neill has volunteered to serve as Assistant Treasurer.
  • A train ride will be offered the weekend of 10/23-24 while the club is open to offer an operating session in conjunction with the RRHM Railfan weekend.

Dan Ladd announced that Russ’ Rail Stuff said he still had the artwork for club caps and shirts. Steffon Norris volunteered to collect requests for caps and shirts and get a quote from Russ.

J.C. Fischer asked about putting a sign on the emergency exit door directing visitors to the main entrance. Bill Lancaster said he already had a sign, he just needs to put up the back steps’ railing.

J.C. Fischer made a motion to adjourn and Steve Wyatt seconded. The club adjourned at 10:54.

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