2008 Club Officers Take Over

The meeting for January 2008 was called to order January 12th by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:30.

The minutes for December 2007 were presented. A motion was made by Mike Ross and seconded by Noel Cowling to accept the minutes and the motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was submitted and read. A end of year financial audit was conducted by Wiley Starnes and Bill Lancaster. The results were submitted to the membership. Mike Ross made a motion to accept, Bill Lancaster seconded, and the reports were accepted.

Old Business

The club was open most weekends and some workdays with Bill Lancaster, Earl Blanchette, Noel Cowling, and Wiley Starnes supporting the Railroad and Historical Museum over the holiday season. Approximately 650 Killeen school children and 600 other museum guests visited the club. Dan and Cecilia Ladd’s Christmas buildings made the layout a great hit.

The club received a Christmas card from the Mayborn Convention Center.

New Business

New members Steffon Norris and David Krauss were welcomed as well as visitor Rick James.

Wiley Starnes introduced the 2008 officers. They are:

  • President, Wiley Starnes
  • Vice President, Mike Cleveland
  • Treasurer, Dan Ladd
  • Secretary, Clark Overman

Jim Bush will be this year’s Train Show Coordinator and needs an assistant. See Jim if you are interested in helping organize the 2008 Train Show.

Mike Ross will be in charge of building the raffle layout which will be in HO this year. Wiley Starnes and Earl Blanchette will build the layout table. See Mike if you want to contribute some of your modeling skills to this project.

Bill Lancaster will again serve as Librarian and Stationmaster.

Mike Cleveland will serve as Clinic Coordinator.

Betty Neill will head the Inventory Committee. Each scale needs to keep their inventory up to date. Betty will keep the inventories and photographs of the layouts for insurance purposes.

Ed Neill will serve as Chair for the Building Committee.

The Finance Committee will be chaired by Dan Ladd and consist of Betty Neill, Bill Lancaster, Wiley Starnes, Mike Cleveland, and Earl Blanchette.

Keys were exchanged between old and new officers. Betty Neill gave Dan Ladd keys to the file room, file cabinet, and post office box. Earl Blanchette gave Wiley Starnes keys to the file room and file cabinet. Betty said the file room also has six picture frames and two complete HO train sets donated by Brad’s Trains.

Ed and Betty Neill were introduced as new Life Members.

Ed Neill said he wants to schedule a painting party for the deck. Ed said he will get all of the materials needed for this project. He is also looking at putting up a new metal railing around the deck.

Next year’s Waco Doll and Train Show will be January 10-11, 2009.

This year’s snack list has been posted in the break room.

Each scale selected a new trainmaster. Wiley Starnes will serve for O Scale, Mike Cleveland for HO, and Randy Hiersig for N. Each scale still needs to select a web site representative.

2008 dues are now due and all members should submit those no later than the February business meeting.

The club will have to file its first Form 990 as a non-profit this year and it is due May 15th.

Bill Lancaster reported that there are some past due video tapes that need to be returned to the library. He also said the furnace filters need to be changed.

Mike Ross made a motion to repair or replace the water fountain. Noel Cowling seconded and the motion passed. Ed Neill will research what this project will cost.

Noel Cowling reported that hand cars are being run on the third Saturday of each month from 11:00 – 15:00. Volunteers are needed to supporting this activity at the Railroad and Historical Museum. See Noel or Dan Ladd if you are interested in helping out.

Howard Bell came to the club to run last Saturday and had a number of visitors. Because of the Waco Doll and Train Show, most of the club members were supporting that activity. Howard suggested that other club members should still plan to come to the club when there are conflicts to help host visitors.

The next museum Family Fun Day has a circus theme and will be the weekend of January 19th. Bradley Linda made a motion for this to be a club function and Joe Pyland seconded. The motion passed. See Ron Miller if you are interested in displaying any circus trains.

Mike Cleveland suggested that club members might be interested in working together on the NMRA Achievement programs. See Mike if you are interested.

Fort Worth will host the Great Train Show on March 1-2, 2008.

The club adjourned at 11:10.

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