HO Scale Meets to Discuss Operations and Layout

 Considering group purchase of Digitrax components at discount.

Mike Cleveland called the meeting at 11:15am.

Mike requested a volunteer for managing the website content for the HO scale group. Ed Neill and Bradley Linda have agreed to work together to begin efforts to update CENTRAMOD website with HO group content and pictures.

The Operations Task Force had a trial run for operations on the layout in December. Mike Hetzfelder and Bradley Linda reported that the trial ops session went well and helped to identify issues. The information will be used within the task force to continue the development of more enhanced operations session to be scheduled this year. Mike Cleveland encouraged the group to continue working a strategy that lays out specific goals and objectives over a time line for the next several months. The Operations Task force is requesting the group stay within a 5 to 6 person group to maximize efforts. Their next scheduled meeting will be on the 3rd run day of February and they will meet at 10:00am. Open discussion will be conducted towards the short term and long term goals and objectives for the HO layout.

Ed Neill reported that he and Jim Bush will be adding more industry on the south side of the layout. There will be additional turnouts and background buildings added. Ed and Jim have been working on several areas of the layout and it is progressing along very nicely.

Joe Pyland reported that the UP5 panels that he has ordered will arrive next week. Additionally, he also indicated that if the club membership can secure an order for $1000 of Digitrax for our personal railroads we can enjoy a discounted price. Joe will inquire as to how much of a discount it will be.  We decided to make the February business meeting the deadline. At that time if there is enough interest and we meet the $1000 purchase minimum we will elect a member to take charge of collection of funds so Dan Ladd can write one check from the club.

Mike Cleveland has requested the assistance of Joe Pyland and Bradley Linda in the HO layout inventory requirements for insurance purposes. Bradley indicated he would get the pictures taken within the next couple of weeks.

Joe Pyland has agreed to give a clinic on the performance measures of Athearn RTR rolling stock. This clinic will be held on the 3rd run day of February beginning at 11am.

The historical layout is also in need of interested parties for future enhancements. If you’re interested in participating in this on going effort, see Dan Ladd or myself.

As a final reminder, if you have personnel rolling stock, buildings or other equipment, please remember to remove it by February 1st or it will be considered donated. This is the only way we can assure an accurate inventory of club equipment for insurance purposes.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Cleveland
HO Coordinator

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