2003 End of Year Budget Reports Presented

The meeting was called to order on January 9th at 7:10 PM by incoming Club President Ron Miller. The next business meeting will be Feburary 6th. Run day for January is Saturday the 17th.

The minutes for November were e-mailed to members. They were not available at the meeting and will be brought to the Depot for the January Run Day.

The financial report for 2003 was presented by Betty Neill. Discussion included reports for November and December 2003 and an end-of-year report. The reports were accepted as presented.

Old Business

There being no items to discuss, a call for new business was ordered.

New Business

Ron Miller established the refreshment list for the coming year. Please sign up as you see fit.

The Finance Committee, consisting of Ron Miller, Joe Teakell, Earl Blanchette, Betty Neill and Mike Ross will meet to develop the 2004 budget. This is your club, so if there is an item you wish to see budgeted for, please make your desires known to a member of the committee.

Dues for 2004 are due. Betty requests payment as early as possible. Please indicate your choice of scale on the check for budget purposes, since funds are allocated based on percentages of members in each scale.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Membership Breakdown by Scale



# Members











*1/2 Memberships indicate the member models in more than one scale.

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