New Lighting to be Installed for HO and N Scales

The meeting was called to order on February 6th at 7:05 PM by Club President Ron Miller. The next Run Day will be February 21st and the next business meeting is March 5th.

The minutes for January were presented. A motion to approve was made and seconded; the minutes were accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Betty Neill and accepted.

Betty presented the 2004 budget. It was discussed and accepted. The proposal for a building fund was discussed. The club’s lease runs through December 2006.

Old Business

The refreshment list was passed around so all could have an opportunity to participate.

Please insure all dues are paid by March 1st.

New club members and prospective members were announced.

Ed made a motion to approve purchase and installation of new lighting for the HO/Lionel and N Scale areas. These will be fluorescent fixtures. The motion passed.

Ed requested a status on the plan to change the club’s status to a 501(c)3. Roger Schmidt gave the members a brief overview of the requirements for this status. Under this provision, we would be able to accept donations and donors would be eligible for a tax deductible contribution. A club official must attest to the fact we are strictly an educational club and not a recreational/social organization. We would have to reconstitute the club towards that end. We should determine the primary function of the club, e.g., to educate the public in all facets of model railroading. A deposit would be needed to make formal application to the IRS. A lengthy discussion ensued.

A motion was made to establish a new operating RR museum by Ed Neill. More discussion followed and the motion was withdrawn with no second.

Bob Alston made a motion to form a new committee to develop plans/by-laws for a corporation with education as the main function, with an ultimate goal to reform under the provisions of 501(c)3. This motion was seconded and passed. Ron Miller will appoint a committee.

New Business

Each scale should appoint a spokesperson for decision purposes. They should inventory items on hand to distinguish between individual and club ownership.

Dieter Hiersig requested all overdue library items be returned by February Run Day. There have been numerous donations to the club, in the form of over 8000 slides and photos.

The meeting adjourned at 8: 40 PM.

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