Train Show Promotion Scheduled for Temple Mall

The meeting was called to order on July 12th at 7:15 PM by Club President Bill Lancaster. The next business meeting will be on August 2nd and the next Run Day will be July 20th.

The minutes for June were introduced. Beverly Flentge made a motion to accept as read and the motion passed.

The financial statement for June was read by Betty Neill and accepted.

Old Business

College for Kids – This is a no go at this time. There were not enough participants to justify the class. Another attempt will be made next year.

The exhibit scheduled for August at the Temple Mall is confirmed. We will set up the first and second weekends of August (3-4 and 10-11). The space is 25’x25’, so we will only be able to use the raffle layout and a small N Scale layout unless something else can be arranged.

New Business

It was suggested that shades be hung on the windows. Someone suggested as an alternative using slats or curtains. A motion was made to check prices, availability, etc. Joe Teakell will research and report back.

Ed brought up the issue of installing insulation in the baggage room.

It was suggested that as light bulbs burn out, they should be replace with brighter bulbs. The current bulbs are for museum-type use and are not as bright as normal bulbs.

The television used with the drive-in module is missing. It is fairly certain that it was brought over from the old location, but has not been seen since. If anyone knows of its location, please let Betty know.

Someone inquired as to the feasibility of installing a billboard outside the depot with the Centra Mod logo. We will form a committee to investigate the associated expenses.

Train Show report:

  • All layouts are lined up and ready to go at this time.
  • We need publicity and pre-sale tickets will help in this area. The bank which sponsored our previous raffle layouts will do so again this year. Ed Neill mentioned the possibility of having Drayton McLane co-sponsor.
  • Mike Ross asked the club if they wanted to add two additional cars to the raffle layout – one passenger car and a cattle car. This would extend the cost of the layout to over $500 plus any expenses Ed has. The club agreed to the addition and the cars have been added and are on the layout.
  • Only 128 tables have been sold for the show so far. Hopefully, this is not indicative of waning interest in the hobby.

The replica layout of the Santa Fe Depot is still in limbo. We are trying to settle on a location. It would be approximately 20’x25’.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.

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