Train Show Clinics a Success

The meeting was called to order on October 1st at 1:03 PM by Club President Ron Miller.

The minutes for September were presented; a motion by Earl Blanchette and seconded by Wiley Starnes was made to accept them as read. The motion passed.

Betty presented the Treasurer’s Report for September and the Train Show. The report was accepted.

Old Business

Betty Neill read a letter received from the Mayborn Center Staff thanking the club for selecting the Center for the train show. The letter was signed by the entire staff!

Ed Neill recommended Mike Cleveland for plaudits for his work on the clinics which were well received.

Mike Ross said thanks to all those who presented clinics. He presented one and witnessed first-hand the enthusiasm. Thanks to Ed Underwood for supporting Mike’s clinic. Mike also noticed a bigger than usual crowd viewing the videos.

Christmas Party – No alternative suggestions were offered, so Ed Underwood made a motion to accept Dan Ladd’s recommended action to once again have the party in the Santa Fe Depot and catered as before. Wiley Starnes seconded. The motion passed.

Dan then read the Caterer’s offered choices. Ed Neill motioned to have the pork tenderloin. Mike Ross seconded and the motion carried. Please RSVP to Dan Ladd by the November business meeting. Last year there were ten no-shows which represent a loss to the club.

New Business

Mike Ross suggested eliminating Train Show Clinics on Sunday due to very low participation/attendance. It was suggested to leave this action for next year’s train show committee.

The meeting adjourned at 2PM.

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