Temple Mall to Display Train Show Raffle Layout

The meeting for July 2007 was called to order July 7th by Club President Earl Blanchette at 10:30.

The minutes for June 2007 were presented; a motion was made by Ron Miller and seconded by Ed Neill to accept the minutes as read. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report for June 2007 was submitted, read, and accepted. One Train Show vendor’s table was refunded that had registered last year.

Old Business

Train Show update.

  • Mike Cleveland said the Train Show Committee has decided to give vendors two commemorative CentraMod coffee mugs. The committee will also make any decisions as it relates to how mugs will be distributed. Clark Overman said the mugs have already been paid for. Kennedy Gauger did the artwork for the mugs and the vendor accepted the artwork.
  • Mike said that 38 banquet RSVP letters were mailed out to vendors and layout representatives. Betty Neill said that 22 people had responded so far and the deadline for responses was July 10th. This number was lower than expected. Mike handed out RSVP letters after the meeting to club members. The deadline for membership submitting their RSVP letter is July Run Day.
  • Noel Cowling sent out EMs to the club membership re: Train Show volunteer positions and mailed nine letters to those members without EM. He wants to know if people have any particular preferences or conflicts with scheduling on the show weekend. Members are asked to work two (2) one-hour slots during the show. Mike Cleveland said he would like to see a draft schedule by the August business meeting.
  • Jim Bush mentioned that the club would need a crew to help tear down at the end of the show because the convention center will be charging extra for hours after the show closes down. Some vendors will need help packing up at the end of the show. Betty Neill showed the color-coded floor plan that Jim developed for layout and vendor table placement.
  • Ed Neill provided a report on pre-sale tickets. Pre-sale tickets are $3. He said they typically give away around 20 tickets. Some companies also sponsor groups of tickets. Ed is looking for a company to sponsor 30 tickets at $3 each. They will print a minimum of 500 pre-sale tickets by next week. They will be available at the next business meeting. Some of the groups sponsored in the past have been the Youth Club, Ronald McDonald House, and the VA Hospital. Ed also mentioned that they are looking for a corporate sponsor in the $500-750 range for the traveling layouts. Ed would like the membership to do some footwork and find sponsors for the Train Show.
  • Joe Pyland said Dr. Bob will be unable to give his scheduled make-and-take clinic on trees. Joe needs volunteers to fill three (3) one-hour clinic slots. There will be eight clinics on Saturday and three on Sunday.
  • Mike Ross might do a clinic on making mountains. Mike Cleveland said Kennedy Gauger might be interested in doing a clinic or two.

Raffle Layout update.

  • Bill Lancaster, Ed Neill, and Mike Ross have been working on the layout scenery. Ed Neill said that individual members used to sell raffle tickets. Since the club has displayed at the mall prior to the show in the past, the raffle tickets have been sold there.
  • Bill Lancaster said that the Mall has space available to show the raffle layout down by JC Penny on Aug 24, 25, 26 and Sep 1, 2, and 3. Bill isn’t sure how big the space is. Earl Blanchette will get with Bill to also see about space for setting up modular N and HO scale layouts.

HO module construction is progressing. Earl Blanchette said they might be ready to setup at the Mall.

Bill Lancaster said the Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon cutting ceremony for the depot renovation on Wednesday, August 15th at 10:00 AM. The chamber will arrange for press coverage. Earl Blanchette said he would get with Bill on refreshments for the event.

The RRHM will have a book signing on August 11 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. Earl Blanchette said he told the museum the club would be open on the second Saturday of the month from 1:00 – 4:00 PM. Any interested members should come on down to run trains and welcome visitors.

New Business

Dick Copeland donated new signs to the club that show the hours open to the public and the club website.

Betty Neill mentioned that she will be placing another order for shirts and hats at the August business meeting. The shirts will cost $1 more than past orders.

Ed and Martha Underwood are moving back to his home town in North Carolina. They will be moved by the end of August. Best of luck to Ed and Martha.

The club officers have been issued keys to the file cabinet and A/V room. The Trainmaster also has a key to the A/V room.

Ed Neill and Mike Ross built the shelving for the HO modules with Buddy Burk’s table saw. In the course of construction, the saw burned up and it was discussed at the time that the club would replace the saw. Earl Blanchette said this issue would be tabled to the next business meeting.

Clark Overman said the club website now has a forum area in the Member’s Only section. Mike Cleveland wondered how the membership roster is updated. Clark explained that updated rosters are available in the Member’s Only area and show the “as revised” date.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45.

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