Refunds Made for Cancelled 2008 Train Show


The meeting for October 2008 was called to order October 4th in the historic Moody Depot by Club President Wiley Starnes at 10:47.

The minutes for September’s 2008 business meeting were presented. Trace Bowen made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Joe Pyland seconded. The motion passed. The Special Meeting minutes for September 2008 were also presented. Joe Pyland made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Trace Bowen seconded. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was submitted and read. The 2008 Train Show Financial Report was submitted and read.

Old Business

By-Laws – The attorney working on this project has been sick and the board is still waiting to receive these.

Building Committee – Ed Neill had nothing to report.

Library – Bill Lancaster had nothing to report.

Inventory Committee – Betty Neill had nothing to report.

Clinics – Mike Cleveland had nothing to report.

Train Show – Dan Ladd that all of the vendor table fees have been refunded except for four vendors pending correct current address information. He also said that any club members seeking a refund for pre-sale tickets should see him.Noel Cowling volunteered to serve as co-chair for the 2009 Train Show Committee.Next year’s show is scheduled for September 19-20, 2009.

Baylor Show – Ron Miller met with the Mayborn Museum on October 1st. They have space for a 12×40 foot HO Layout, a 12×44 foot N Scale Layout, 22×32 O Scale Layout, and a 24×48 G Scale Layout. There is also some space for the Kiddie Layout and a small Z Scale Layout.

The plan is to load up on November 20-21 and then begin setting up on November 24th at 09:00 at the Mayborn Museum on the Waco Campus. Daily running will begin on November 29th for three weeks with tear down starting on December 22nd. Please contact Ron if you are available to assist with setup, teardown, and/or daily operations.

Noel Cowling reminded everyone of the two Santa Fe facility tours. He has eleven people signed up for the November 8th tour and twelve people signed up for the November 22nd tour. The club has to provide its own transportation and only three vehicles can be used per tour. Participants will meet at the North end of the BNSF yards at 09:00 on the tour days. If you have any questions, call Noel.

New Business

Nancy and Joseph Lathrop and their sons Benjamin and Timothy submitted their application for membership. Benjamin models in HO.

The results of the September Special Meeting ballot were announced. There were twenty-four votes for, one against, and one spoiled ballot. The proposed changed to the Articles of Incorporation passed. The club will pursue 501(c)(3) status.

The Texas Association of Downtowns will be meeting in Temple on Wednesday, November 12th. Approximately 75 attendees would like to visit the club from 1-4 PM. See Wiley Starnes if you can help operate layouts for this special open house.

Craig Lancaster had a heart attack but has quickly recovered.

The deadline for RRHM Railfan Weekend Registration has been extended to October 9th. Anyone interested in helping out with the CentraMod open house portion of the weekend on Saturday, October 11th from 12-2 PM should see Dan Ladd.

Bob Winter said he has the Beverly and Allen Flenge’s old model railroad equipment. Anyone interested in these items should contact Bob.

Wiley Starnes asked for anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors to see him.

Ron Miller reported that Reliant Energy contacted his church about signing a two-year contract for electricity with no demand charge. With the approval of the Board of Directors, Ron signed CentraMod up for the same two-year plan which amounts to 11.8 cents/kwh with no demand charge. There is a 60-day period in which to cancel the contract after receiving the first bill.

Ed Neill said he would research how much it would cost to add directors and officers liability coverage to the club insurance policy.

Joe Pyland made a motion to adjourn and Mike Ross seconded. The club adjourned at 12:04.

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