Raffle Layout and Amtrak Ticket Winners Most Appreciative

The meeting was called to order on October 1st at 7:07 PM by Club Vice President Earl Blanchette. The next business meeting will be November 5th and the next Run Day is October 16th.

The minutes for September were introduced. Bill Lancaster made a motion to accept as presented and was seconded by Ed Underwood. The motion carried to accept the minutes as presented.

The Treasurer’s Report was submitted. The report was accepted by Earl Blanchette.

Old Business

Bill Lancaster reported on the Train Show. The raffle layout and Amtrak tickets have been picked up. The recipients were most appreciative. Thanks to Agent Dan and Amtrak! Betty ran through additional details of the show. Bill suggested we consider raising the honorarium for the layout exhibitors. Betty suggested raising the table rent by $5. Mike Ross suggested that these items be submitted for consideration by the Budget Committee.

Betty received the contract from the Convention Center for next year’s show. Joe Teakell made a motion to allow Betty to sign the contract and Bill Lancaster seconded. The motion carried. The show is scheduled September 17-18, 2005.

Pictures and a complete inventory of the layout currently occupying space in Bill Lancaster’s garage and up for bids were available for viewing after the meeting. Bids are due NLT October 15th.

New Business

A nominating committee consisting of Bill Lancaster (N), Dan Ladd (HO), Mort Benjamin (Lionel), and chaired by Earl Blanchette will prepare a slate for next year’s officers. If you aspire to office, please see one of these members.

Dan and Cecilia Ladd ask that you RSVP for the Christmas Party by December 3rd.

Dieter Hiersig submitted an inventory of items available in the club library. This has been a tedious task and he has done an outstanding job.

Nathan Vanaman donated a remote power unit to the Temple Historical Layout.

There meeting was adjourned at 8:12 PM.

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