Lionel Raffle Layout to Display at Depot

The meeting was called to order on June 6th at 7:07 PM by Bruce Kohler. The next business meeting was moved from the first Friday which is July 4th to July 11th. The next Run Day is June 21st.

The minutes for May were presented. A motion to accept as presented was made and seconded. The minutes were accepted.

The financial report was presented by Betty Neill. The report was accepted as read. She also reported that 99 tables have been sold so far. The goal is to sell 175.

Old Business

The raffle layout will be displayed in the depot starting June 14th. Wiley Starnes and Earl Blanchette combined efforts to build this layout.

The CentraMod memorial plaque now hangs in the depot lobby. Six members are now memorialized on the plaque.

The following layouts have committed to display at the Train Show and will be coordinated by Bob Alston:

  • Ark-La-Tex (HO)
  • AustNTrak (N)
  • Dave Doege (HO)

Ed Neill reported that he has lined up a sponsor for our layouts.

Joe Teakell reports that College for Kids is on the TJC agenda. Info is on their website. Tuition costs $20 and runs for four days in July.

Roger Schmidt reports that the paper work is in progress for our attempt at becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

New Business

Bruce Dunnam visited the club.

The depot railings need new paint and we have one can of color matched paint. Craig Lancaster volunteered to paint the railings.

Ed Underwood has spent time checking the electric meters. Considering that the layouts consume minimal power and only the refrigerator remains on, the club’s usage should be much less than what we are paying. The meter reads “multiply readings X 24”. A lengthy discussion ensued.

Gorder Locke said that the Santa Fe Modelers and Historical Society will be visiting June 23rd. They are looking to store their entire library of reference materials in the Santa Fe depot. Gordon will serve as host when they come over to tour the depot.

The O Scale group will setup at the Waco Mall on July 28th and 29th.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

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