HO Layout Donated to Club

The meeting for was called to order on April 2nd at 7:12 PM by Club President Ron Miller. The next business meeting will be May 7th and the next Run Day will be April 17th.

The minutes for March were presented. A motion to accept was made by Ed Neill and seconded by Joe Pyland. The minutes accepted as written.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Betty Neill and accepted.

Old Business

New lighting fixtures are now installed and are on separate switches so when you leave, please turn them off. Floor electrical outlets are also hot. Ed will get an additional light fixture for the stairwell to the baggage area. He will also see if he can get a light for the meeting area and still stay within the budge authorized at the February meeting.

A committee was formed to examing the basis for becoming a 501c(3) organization. Committee members are Roger Schmidt, Bob Alston, Bill Lancaster, Ed Neill, Betty Neill, Mike Ross, and Ron Miller.

New Business

Train Show – 81 tables have been sold so through pre-sales and three more have been sold since, making for a total of 84 tables. The raffle layout being built in S Scale by Earl Blanchette and Wiley Starnes is progressing.

An HO layout was donated to the club last weekend. A discussion arose as to the disposition of the layout. The consensus of opinion seems to favor a silent auction. Joe Pyland made a motion and Bob Alston seconded, to auction the layout after it is first brought up to standards at the Train Show in September. The motion carried.

Dieter Hiersig brought up the point of policing our layouts, and guarding against vandalism.

Ed Underwood requested tutorial sessions or clinics at future meetings. Discussion ensued and the main issue seemed to center on when to have these sessions – before or after the business meeting or an hour before our open house. A show of hands indicated the majority favored Saturdays over Fridays, but if clinics were held on Fridays, the majority favored them after the meeting. Joe Pyland suggested trials to see where most could attend. The club decided to have a clinic on decaling on Run Day, April 17th at 11 AM. The club further decided to have a clinic on DCC after the May business meeting. We could also have clinics and demonstrations during our run days.

Representatives for each scale were selected by their respective groups. They are:

  • N – Michael Hiersig
  • HO – Bob Alston
  • O – Wiley Starnes

These representatives will, among other things, present scale specific expenditures to the Club Treasurer.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

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