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End of Track for Model Railroading Magazine

A longtime stalwart of the hobby, Model Railroading Magazine ceased publication effective with the August 2006 issue. This is really unfortunate since just last year the magazine had launched an initiative towards and electronic version of the magazine.

PDF versions of the magazine featuring every article, Sandhouse, Trek Plan and other regular features and advertisements were linked together so the reader could jump from one place in the magazine to another, or go directly to an advertiser’s website.

You can still order back issues, magazine CDs and books through their website at least through the end of February 2007. Orders can still be placed by phone or Fax at 303-338-1949, but ordering online is best.

They have great deals on back issues and bound magazine volumes.

It’s Pork Tenderloin for the Christmas Party

The meeting for November 2006 was called to order on November 4th by Bill Lancaster at 1PM.

The minutes for October 2006 were presented; a motion was made by Troy Wolff and seconded by Ed Underwood to accept the minutes as read. The motion passed. The Treasurer’s report was submitted, read, and accepted. Betty reported there were already 109 tables sold for next year’s show.

Old Business

Kennedy reported on the club shirts; he presented two alternatives. Ed Underwood made a motion to delete the banner from the overall design for simplicity purposes. Howard Bell seconded. The motion passed. Betty offered clarification on our correct club name: CENTRA MOD, INC (Central Texas Area Model Railroaders). Kennedy will have final prices, materials, etc, by December dinner social.

Dan Ladd presented the Christmas Party package – includes 4 choices of entrees. After considering prices and available funds for dinner, there was a consensus to go with Pork Tenderloin. This Christmas Party will be held from 6 to 8 PM on December 1st.

Elections for officers for 2007: Howard Bell reported the following slate was chosen:  Earl Blanchette – President; Mike Cleveland – VP; Betty Neill – Treasurer (for one more year); and Clark Overman for Secretary.  There was an acclamation for the selected officers.

New Business

Troy Wolff suggested purchasing a plaque to recognize extra ordinary conduct of club business by members. This will be brought at next business meeting.

A motion by Trace was made to reschedule the January 6th meeting January 13th. Troy seconded the motion, and it passed. Wiley made a motion to start our business meetings at 10:30 AM, effective with Jan 07 meeting since we are now obligated to be open twice monthly. Erik seconded and the motion passed.

Betty reported that funds for 2006 still exist for each of the three scales and must be used before 31 December 2006. Also, when paying your dues for 2007, be sure to indicate your scale to Betty or on your check.

The meeting adjourned at 14:15.

Club to Exhibit at Lamar Middle School

During Run Day on February 18th, Club Vice President Mike Cleveland called a special session at 2PM. At issue was Dee Teakell’s request for club representation at the Lamar Middle School on March 4, 2006, alluded to in February 2006 business meeting minutes.

Wiley Starnes made a motion to attend and to make our presence at the school’s anniversary an official club function.  Bill Lancaster seconded the motion, which carried with all members present concurring.

Welcome Aboard to Ten New Members

The meeting was called to order on November 5 at 7:05 PM by Club President Ron Miller.

No minutes were available from the last meeting.

The Treasurer Report was given by Betty Neill.

Old Business

Meeting Schedule for Holidays – There will be no business meeting December 3rd and no Run Day December 18th. The Christmas Party will be held on December l0th at the Santa Fe Depot. Reservations are due by December 3rd. Members interested in attending should phone or e-mail Dan Ladd. Attendance is presently projected at 39. A gift exchange will be held with a limit of one $10 gift per family.

Club members were reminded to sign in when they come down to the club and turn everything off when they leave.

A motion was made by Bill Lancaster to return Run Day eats to just refreshments and goodies only beginning in January 2005. It was seconded by Craig Lancaster and the motion carried.

Layout bids were accepted and member Bill Lancaster was the highest bidder. The layout was awarded to him.

New Business

A number of new members were introduced this month. They included:

  • Bobby & Linda Cooksey
  • Frank & Bettye Harlan
  • Kirk & Mindy Chubb
  • Bill White
  • Mike Cleveland
  • J.C. Fisher
  • Dan O’Hara

The Nominating Committee Chairman, Earl Blanchette, presented nominations for the 2005 officer positions:

  • President: Ron Miller
  • Vice-President: Earl Blanchett
  • Treasurer: Betty Neill
  • Secretary: Mike Ross
  • Train Show Coordinator: Bill Lancaster

The floor was then open for other nominations. None were offered. A motion was made by Joe Pyland to close nominations and seconded by Craig Lancaster. The motion carried.

Bob Alston motioned that the slate of officers for 2005 be elected by acclamation. It was seconded by Gordon Locke and the motion carried. The new officers elected for 2005 will be the names stated above.

Joe Pyland motioned that all political advertisements pertaining to any candidate for election be prohibited from the clubhouse. It was seconded by Bill Lancaster and the motion carried.

Joe Teakell motioned that the club create a new category of membership to be known as the Military Association Membership for those people who are deployed during their membership year which will equal their dues being suspended and then pro-rated to the nearest month of their return. Since they are not present, they will not hold office or vote, but may attend the Christmas party if here. It was seconded by J.C. Fisher and the motion carried.

The members discussed the purchase of a TV/VCR/DVD player. Gordon Locke suggested that funds be designated for the purchase of a TV/VCR/DVD player, a security system, and a cart. Ron Miller will explore the proposed items for purchase. It was seconded by Joe Pyland and the motion carried.

A Motion was made by Joe Pyland to designate both Saturday and Sunday of the Train Show as Military Appreciation Days for active military and their dependents. It was seconded by Craig Lancaster and the motion carried.

A motion to adjourn was made by Bill Lancaster and seconded by Randy Hiersig. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned