All Scales Still Have Allotment Available for Supplies

The meeting was called to order on October 3rd at 7:05 PM by Club President Bill Lancaster.

The minutes for September were presented. Bob Alston made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Michael Hiersig seconded. Dieter Hiersig’s name was misspelled and will be corrected. The minutes were accepted as amended.

Betty Neill presented the financial report for both the Train Show and September. A total of 79 tables have been purchased for next year’s show. The following obligations from the 2003 budget are still available:

  • O Scale Allotment
  • Temple Historical layout
  • HO Scale Allotment
  • N Scale Allotment
  • Lionel

Next year’s show is scheduled for September 17-19. Betty has a copy of the contract from the City of Temple and is checking the fine print. Both reports were accepted. Plaudits to Betty for a fine presentation!

Old Business


New Business

Bill asked club members to think about nominations for next year’s officers. A Nominating Committee was formed: Richard Leonburger, Ed Neill, Bruce Koehler, Gordon Locke, and Bob Alston were tasked. Bob Alston will chair.

Bill also asked club members to consider changes they may want to see for next year’s show. Joe Pyland asked why change something that works – a point well taken. Bob Kibbe thought we should consider barriers for all layouts and perhaps adding “Do Not Touch” signs and have stool-type benches for the youth in attendance. Betty brought up the need for more sponsors for future shows. Letters should be sent to prospective sponsors. We should also send thank-you letters to this year’s sponsors.

N Scale and Lionel will be set up in Lorena for their Thanksgiving show, and also for Waco’s show in January 2004.

Dr. Moore’s wife wants to join the club (He had been a member almost from the beginning) – Bob Alston suggested extending a life membership; Ed Neill so motioned and Bruce Koehler seconded. The motion passed.

Bobby Cooksey, a former member, was at the meeting and requested to rejoin the club. A prospective member from Cameron, Jim McKimmey, also visited.

The meeting adjourned at 7:56 PM.

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