1930’s Historic Temple Railroad Layout Construction Begins

The meeting was called to order on May 3rd at 7:08 PM by Club President Bill Lancaster. The next Run Day will be May 17th and the next business meeting on June 6th.

The minutes for April were introduced. Joe Pyland made a motion to accept. The motion was seconded and passed. The minutes were accepted.

Betty introduced the financial statement. She said that 99 tables have been sold for the Train Show thus far. The statement was accepted.

Old Business

Ed reported on quotes he received for the Memorial Plaques. Joe Teakell made a motion that only active and life members should be memorialized. Joe Pyland seconded. The motion passed.

Ed made a motion to accept the Plaques as he had presented. Dee Teakell seconded. The motion was passed.

A historic layout depicting Temple in the mid-30s will be built and located where the present HO modular layout sits. It will incorporate a scale replica of the Harvey House to be built by Dan Ladd. The original Harvey House burned to the ground in the late 30s. Dan has a list of equipment he proposes to purchase for this project. He will circulate a list so those individuals who would like to build/contribute can sign up. This is part of our agreement with Mary Irving, so let’s get behind this one!

A motion was made to purchase a memorial item on behalf of the Flentges. Discussion included a number of items, such as memorial walkway bricks, library books, etc. It was also raised as to whether other past members be similarly recognized (Agnes Hansbeary, Harold Adams). Further discussion included the possible purchase of a permanent plaque to memorialize deceased members. It was decided to table this issue for further discussion until the next business meeting so members could give this additional thought.

The snack schedule will be distributed at the next business meeting.

New Business

There were two new guests in attendance, Babry Shwales and Craig Lancaster.

It was decided to gather the necessary documentation for submission to the IRS in support of our desire to become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We need to get layouts up and running in conjunction with the Playground opening.

We may host school children at the depot during the last month of the school year. This should give the club some good exposure.

Train Show letters to vendors have been printed and will be prepared for mailing and during March Run Day.

It was suggested that local TV stations should be contacted to have the Train Show publicized on their community calendars.

The meeting adjourned at 8 PM.

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