Train Show This Month

The meeting for September 2006 was called to order on September 2nd by Club President Earl Blanchette at 1:05 PM.

The minutes for August 206 were presented; a motion was made by Joe Pyland to accept the minutes as read and was seconded by Wiley Starnes.The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report was submitted, read, and accepted. Going into the show, we have sold 183 tables.  We have received lots of publicity.

Old Business

Two examples of proposed club shirts w/logos were shown to the membership. Thoughts for the next meeting were solicited.

Christmas dinner at the Temple Santa Fe Depot is limited to Friday, December 1st and 22nd due to previous bookings. This is another topic for later discussion.

New Business

On Friday, September 15th at approximately 8 AM, with layouts and essentials in hand, we will load up from the Moody Depot so as to arrive on or about 10:30 AM at the Mayborn Convention Center for setup. We must be out of the center by 10 PM. The doors will open on Saturday around 7 AM for vendor setup.

Mike Cleveland will develop a questionnaire for “feedback” in different show aspects for use in future shows.

The meeting adjourned at 2PM.

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