Club Memberships Dues are “Due”

The meeting for February 2007 was called to order February 3rd by Club President Earl Blanchette at 10:40.

The minutes for January 2007 were presented; a motion was made by Bill Lancaster and seconded by Ron Miller to accept the minutes as read. The motion passed.

The Treasurer’s report for January 2007 was submitted, read, and accepted. 25 Members have paid their dues. There are three lifetime members. The deadline for dues is the end of February.

Old Business

HO Module Discussion – Ed Neill said that the club modules have a long history with the club and said they are an historical part of the club. Even though they are not being used, he doesn’t think they should be sold. Ron Miller said this position was pertinent to the disposition of some extra N Scale modules.

Buddy Burk said some of the modules are 25 years old and he doesn’t think they should travel. Ed said he wants to take some of the scenery off the modules and use it on the permanent HO layout.

Noel Cowling asked if the modules could be fixed. Ed said Paul Otis’ modules won Best of Show and doesn’t think they should travel. They need to be worked on. Joe Teakell said that if the N Scale modules are sold, the money should go back into the N Scale layout. He also said he wants first right of refusal to these modules since they were originally his.

Ron said that based on the discussion, he didn’t think there was any interest in pursuing the purchase of the old HO modules. The discussion was closed.

Club Shirts – Mike Cleveland said he thought the shirt was not meant to be a club uniform, but an opportunity to promote the club. On the e-mail sent around after the last business meeting, it seemed that the membership was interested in a choice of shirts.

Mike made a motion that the club accept Russ Covitt’s pricing on the blue denim and gray polo shirts and let members decide what shirt they want to buy, if any. Richard Zamudio seconded. There was one opposed. The motion carried.

Eric Boswell asked if other shirt colors were available. Other colors are available in the polo shirt style. Only orders for blue denim and gray polo shirts are being taken at this time.

The club logo will be embroidered on the shirt, not silk-screened.

Checks for shirts made out to CentraMod must be received by February 10th.

Ron Miller made a motion that we should honor the work Kennedy Gauger has done and tell him how much we appreciated his work on the shirts and that the discussion related to the shirts was nothing personal. Joe Pyland seconded and the motion passed.

Club Refreshments – Mike Cleveland said we still need people to volunteer for refreshments and cleanup. Richard Zamudio made a motion that the club take on refreshment expenses for the second run day of the month. There was no second.

Dan Ladd said he and Mike brought snacks today since they were signed up for February. The snacks (refreshments) are typically only for the second run day of the month (third Saturday). Ed Neill said we are published to be open the first and third Saturday of each month except September and December.

Club Cleanup – Bill Lancaster said that cleanup only entails picking up cups and emptying the trash. There are still empty slots on the sign-up list. He also said he is going to get a schedule over to the Museum. He is going to leave September and December empty.

2006 Train Show and Museum – Buddy Burk brought pictures for everyone to look at after the meeting.

New Business

Homer and Evelyn Martin from Killeen, TX and Bradley Linda from Waco, TX joined the club this month. Homer models in N Scale and Bradley models in HO. Welcome aboard!

The Museum will be hosting a Railfan Day the first Saturday in March on the 3rd. Railfan visitors could start visiting the club around 1130.

Troy Wolff had surgery and it went well. He will be out for four weeks and appreciated the Get Well card from the club.

Paul Otis’ mother passed and the club sent a sympathy card.

Train Show Report – Mike Cleveland said since this show is the 25th Anniversary, that everyone seems to agree that we want to do something special. Jerry Johnson and Ed Neill were asked to develop a plan for aggressively promoting the event.

Mike suggested on the Saturday of the Train Show that the club publicly acknowledge past train show committee chairs. Earl Blanchette asked that everyone get with Mike to find out who the past coordinators were.

Mike will be making special event committee assignments shortly.

Joe Teakell said that flyers for this year’s show haven’t been printed up.

E-Mail – Just a reminder that messages exchanged between business meetings shouldn’t be thought of as conducting club business.

Bloomin’ Temple Festival – Bill Lancaster asked if the club wanted to be open for the festival this year on April 14th and 15th. Last year was the city’s 75th Anniversary. Any volunteers would show up for the Museum and our participation would help them. Bill made a motion to be open from 10-4 on Saturday and from 12-4 on Sunday. Wylie Starnes seconded and the motion passed. Bill will tell the Museum and start taking a list of volunteers for these two days.

The meeting adjourned at 1214.

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