CentraMod Hosts Train Camp

On Wednesday, June 13th, 25 children aged 7 to 11 visited CentraMod to learn about modeling and running trains. They visited on the second day of a three day “Train Camp” experience that was offered through the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum.

As the children arrived at the CentraMod club house, there were divided into small groups named after historical named passenger trains. These group names were the The Scout, The Texas Chief, The Super Chief, The Texas Special, The Daylight, The Southern Belle, and The Texas Eagle. They were also given a timetable to control their movements between various activites during their stay at CentraMod.

Camp Timetable
Camp Timetable

Over the course of their time with CentraMod, they:

  • Operated trains on the N, HO, and O scale layouts
  • Watched a video on model railroading
  • Learned how to model rocks with plaster castings and made a model tree
  • Learned how to apply roadbed and lay model track
  • Learned how to apply model grass and ground cover
  • Combined all of these new skills into a finished 4.5” x 6” N scale model/module
Great  module built!
Great module built!

As CentraMod’s 2007 Train Camp wrapped up, the children left with their completed modules and a care package prepared by club members:

  • A model railroad magazine
  • A flyer for CentraMod’s 25th Annual Model Train Show this September
  • An application for CentraMod membership
  • A N Scale car donated by club member Ron Miller
  • An authentic railroad tie date nail donated by club member Michael Ross
  • The module they built today with the skills learned above
A fun time was had by all!
A fun time was had by all!

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