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First Meeting in Moody Depot

The meeting was called to order on June 7 at 7:10 PM by Club President Bill Lancaster in the Moody Depot. This was our first business meeting in the new location. The next business meeting will be on July 12th.

The minutes of the last business meeting were approved as presented.

Betty Neill distributed the Treasurer’s Report. It was approved as presented. She reported 105 tables have been sold for the train show to date. 123 tables had been sold last year by this date.

Old Business

Renovations costs for the depot’s ramp were discussed. An additional cost was incurred because workers had to cut into the existing ramp and install an extension.

Betty reminded everyone they need to get back into the habit of signing in and out. She has provided plenty of sign-in sheets.

Ed Neill said that in addition to the ramp expenses, we are also to renovate the bathrooms. Painting and electrical work will also still be required. A decision will need to be made on whether to buy paint and do the work ourselves or hire someone to do the painting. Mary Irving has paint numbers for the depot interior and exterior colors. Bill Lancaster will follow up with her.

Ed presented a quick overview of the electrical circuits. He will label them on the breaker box for easy identification. He stressed that when we turn on the lights, we should wait a bit before turning on the air conditioning in order to avoid expensive electrical surge charges.

Ed also noted that insulation is needed for the outside walls in the warehouse section. Styrofoam with an R rating could be placed between studs and still retain the authentic look of the depot. Ed will get pricing for the insulation before a final decision is made.

A unanimous vote gave Ed the authority to spend whatever amount is required to accomplish additional renovation projects.

New Business

Train Show Report:

  • Bob Alston reported that all layouts have committed except for G scale. We have three N scale layouts who would like to set up and can only accommodate two, so we will rotate them – two years in and one out.
  • Most slots are filled on the committees.
  • We will have a party for the vendors and Bill Lancaster will handle the details.

Betty Neill reported that she purchased paper products (under the cabinet in the kitchen) and trash bags. There is no need to bring plates when you supply refreshments. There will be plenty on hand.

Betty also said she has new depot keys to exchange for old keys.

Bill Lancaster will be an instructor for four days during College for Kids on July 15-18. Classes are for students age 13 to 19. Bill said the World’s Greatest Hobby provided information to use in a classroom.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

City Rents Out Moody Depot

Anna Foster reported on the depot in the Temple Daily Telegram.

The Temple City Council unanimously approved Thursday officially abandoning 1st Street between Adams and Central avenues and renting the Moody Depot for use by the CentraMod Model Railroading Club. City staff laughed in relief after the vote on the one-block segment of 1st Street, thanking the council for its action – the street has been physically gone for weeks as construction crews work on the city’s downtown plaza project.

Planning Director B.A. Bailey said in response to a question from Mayor Keifer Marshall Jr. that although many people – some city officials included – thought the action had already been taken, the official procedure to abandon the street had not been done. Ms. Bailey did show the council, however, part of a council-approved resolution from several years ago that authorized the staff to go after the grant they eventually received to fund the project, which committed the city to abandoning the street.

The project will replace the Municipal Building’s main parking lot with the downtown plaza, which will have a visitors’ center and be used for festivals in addition to parking space.

City to Rent Out Moody Depot

Anna Foster reported on the depot in the Temple Daily Telegram.

The Temple City Council officially will consider abandoning 1st Street between Central and Adams avenues and renting the recently relocated Moody Depot to the CentraMod, Inc., Model Railroading Club at its 5 p.m. meeting today in the Municipal Building.

Construction began in February on the city’s downtown welcome plaza and visitors’ center, and soon took over the one-block segment between the two major downtown streets. City Manager Mark Watson said the abandonment of the street had always been discussed as part of the plaza design, and the council’s action would make it official. “We had been talking about it for months and years that we approved the design and there was the implication that we would be abandoning the street,” Watson said.

Model Train Enthusiasts Participate in Show

Larry Hutchinson reported on the show in the Temple Daily Telegram.

Operating modular layouts of scale model trains of both the past and present – including elaborate scenes of bridges and trestles, cities and towns – are on display at the 19th annual Temple Model Train Show at the Frank W. Mayborn Civic and Convention Center. There is even an ice-skating bear.

The Central Texas Area Model Railroaders event has drawn model railroaders from as far away as Florida to the exhibit and swap meet. The event continues from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. today.

Moody Depot Moves Downtown


Clay Coppedge reported on the depot’s move in the Temple Daily Telegram.

How do you move a 1907 railroad depot from one part of town to another one? Very carefully. And slowly.

The old Moody Depot, a long time feature of the Railroad and Pioneer Museum at the corner of Avenue H and 31st Street, was taken from there to its new location next to the downtown Santa Fe Depot Thursday morning.

Moody Depot Being Moved

A&D House Moving from Georgetown, Texas moved the depot in two sections, each 150 feet long, 30 feet wide and 23 feet tall. The move involved about 50 people and took around four hours.

Traffic was stopped at various points on Adams and Central avenues, and on 31st Street in the process.